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a Mercedes on our car lift

I'm really happy with work that has been done in this garage. I had numerous problems with my Mercedes and tried to fix it in Mercedes garage but it was unsatisfactory and pricey. Finally went to Gr8 motors and Rafal fixed it. Now my mercedes is as good as new. Also the price was reasonable, mercedes garage took much much more with no result!      kateb3 ktb3


Wow! That was the best car service I ever had. Fast and solid service, nice staff and all that in a great value of money. Definitely the best mechanics in Slough - highly recommended!    Anna Fratczak


I have been using Rafal for a few years now.  He started our looking after my track car and later our family cars, once children made me grow up.

Always been good and honest regards parts.  Glad to see he now has a garage.    Gareth Evans


I had my car and van repaired and serviced by Rafal before. I have already been to their new garage (now GR8 Motors Ltd). Before I met Rafal I had an annoying problem with my peugeot car (I paid lots of money on many occasions in Peugeot garages but the problem was always coming back after approx. two months). Rafal found a rusty electric cable, cleaned it and I never had this problem again. Perhaps he has magic hands or more obviously great knowledge and experience. Since then I trust him very much and will always go back to his garage. I am a woman and explain car symptoms my own way, do not understand technical details but Rafal clearly diagnoses what the problem is and repairs at sensible cost. I have been happy every time he had done any work on my vehicles and would definitely recommend this garage.   Ewa Mita



Solid work done on both my cars. Quick, and not pricey at all. Thanks   Greg G


Just wanna to say big thank you for Rafal and the hole team for very good work!!!!!!!!! I always serviving my cars with them and I can tell only one thing they are the best the prices are very good and they treat you with respect they always trying to please you with everything and the most important thing is they looking after the cars  Number 1 garage !!!!!!!!!!   Lukasz Baginski  


Quick, effective, friendly staff, reasonable price. The mechanic did a good job fixing a wiring problem on my car. Good customer service. Very friendly staff. Reasonable price. I definitely recommend it and will use this company again in the future.  BrigittaS